Before I invited Christ into my life, I always knew about Him and grew up learning about Him. My mother would periodically send me to church under the care of her friend. However, I did not know what it meant to let Christ enter my life and start a relationship with Him. I knew and believed that God existed, but that was it. Then I met my fiancée 8 years ago and she became a large contributor to my own development with my relationship with God. Last year (2020) was a large turning point for me when Lien and I sat down with my aunt and had a conversation about our faith. I had never really had any faith conversations with my family. As we talked, I realized that I needed to have a relationship with Jesus the way that my family and my aunt have. I wanted to spend time in prayer and give my life to him. Since then, I have felt more grounded, any anxiety that I feel about work or relationships, I know Jesus is backing me. I want other people to know that I believe and I want other people to start seeking a relationship with God. So today, I am baptized.