Letter from
pastor Craig

What a year the [Capital ‘C’] Church has walked through. It’s been a challenging year for every church across the globe. The Water’s Edge Network churches, as part of the universal church or church invisible, was not exempt from these challenges. Our family of churches, scattered around the world as we are all faced COVID challenges in different ways. Constant through it all has been the protecting hand of God.

At the end of a COVID ravaged year we’ve seen people come to a saving knowledge of Christ, go public with their faith in baptism, are in the process of launching another WEN church, and have grown tighter as a family.

While I certainly would not have signed up for what we’ve had to endure over the last year, I look back thankful and grateful that it is the Lord who both builds and protects His church. As you will see in this report, He has done that. 2020-2021 was a challenging year but God has both protected and strengthened us and we couldn’t be more amazed by what we’ve got to experience.

For those of you who don’t know, the WEN is a family of churches committed to empowering local leaders, leading local churches in strategic places around the world. Through localizing leaders, decentralizing decision-making, synchronizing essential systems, and diversifying our expressions, we’ve grown into a unique multi-church multi-site family. committed to helping local churches go further faster.

Thanks for your interest in what God has done.